Hey, Brad here from MSGHero.

If you’re on this page, you’re obviously interested in switching over from a competing messenger marketing platform. This aim of this page is to explain why MSGHero is a better alternative for your business. We’re not over-hyping this, don’t worry. We just want to make sure you have all the correct information so you can make an educated decision about what’s right for your business moving forward.

Here’s a short summary of the key points of why you should consider switching:


MSGHero allows you to TRACK sales, leads, ROI, LTV of messenger subscribers and so much more. Our competitors do not.

As a business owner, you know how important your numbers are. Without knowing where your leads and sales are coming from, or how your messages are performing, you’re flying blind.

Knowing how to scale your business is essentially impossible.

So how do you take your business to that next level? Without your numbers, you can’t.

MSGHero does this all for you, automatically. We track your leads and sales down to each individual message. Want to know where those 3 sales came from? We’ll show you the exact message that generated them.

On top of that, we’ll be able to show you your LTV (lifetime value) of your messenger subscribers! You’ll be able to track how much each messenger subscriber spends with your business over time.

No other messenger marketing platform offers this and it’s why MSGHero is so special.


We’re the EASIEST platform out there. Our competitors have bulky, confusing, over-complicated and outdated features and flows.

Here at MSGHero, we’re not just a software company. My fellow co-founder Jeremy and I are marketers ourselves, with successful companies outside of MSGHero. We understand the needs of marketers wanting to see results with messenger marketing. The result?

The most user-friendly, easy-to-use platform that understands the needs of marketers, businesses and agencies. We know you need an easy to use platform, to get from point A to point B, without all the clunky and confusing features that no one uses.

We also know you want to see an overview of your results so you can log in and see them laid out perfectly for you to browse over.

This is the service we provide.


We have the best customer support in the industry. One-on-one specialized assistance.

Hands-down, we have the best customer support you’ll find.

Many people move over purely for this reason.

If something goes wrong with your messenger bot, or you need help with a campaign on an urgent basis, can you wait 48-72 hours for a reply? If your users are getting spammed due to a technical bug, and your messages are repeatedly sending over and over. Can you wait?

We've even heard nightmares of 2 weeks going by without a response to an urgent issue. Yikes.

This is what customers who have moved over have reported about competing platforms and we don’t stand for that here at MSGHero.

Our average response time is 8 minutes, 24/7, 365.

We’re here to serve you, and we care.


We’re actually CHEAPER than the competition.

This is one of our most popular questions here at MSGHero.

“Why don’t I just use (insert competitor), they’re free?”

This is a misconception about MSGHero. We do have a 7 day free trial which you can sign up for by clicking here.

On top of that, the 'freemium' model is flawed in many respects. They're overloaded in so many areas, especially support. Their actual paying customers don't get the attention they need (and deserve). They're stuck in the support queue with urgent issues (or even a basic question), along with the other 100,000 other 'free' users who aren't paying a cent. And they're slapping their branding on all your messages.

Furthermore, once you actually begin generating messenger subscribers, we’re not only cheaper, we’re more than HALF the price of what these other ‘free’ platforms charge you.

They’re only free until you actually begin generating subscribers at which point they’re going to charge you double of what we charge.

On top of that, they bill you per Facebook page. We don’t. We allow unlimited Facebook pages to be integrated for a flat fee.


We display zero branding in the messages you send (unlike our competitors)

Our competitors display their branding in YOUR messages you send via their platform. Not only does this distract from your messaging, it infringes on the whole messenger experience and significantly decreases your conversions.

As a business, you want to show fans, prospects and customers that you offer a real one-on-one solution via messenger. You do not want to be shoving another brand down their throats. It’s distracting and frankly, annoying.


We provide the best ‘birds-eye-view’ of your business every time you log in. We make your data easy to understand.

This is a big key differentiator for us. We pride ourselves on this.

We understand the important of results, being marketers ourselves.

We provide your messenger results in the most aesthetic way possible. Beautiful, data-driven graphs to show trends, perfect open/read rates of messages, leads and sales tracked back to the exact messages they originated from, LTV of messenger subscribers and so much more.

We know data, and we make it easy for you to digest and understand.


We’re not just a software company.

Although on the surface it may appear that way, we’re here to become #1 but not just through customer acquisition, total messages sent and powering the most messenger campaigns.

Those are definitely some of our goals, but we’re here to become #1 on so many more levels.

On the ground level, we understand marketers needs. We’re not a typical faceless “Silicon Valley” company with VC funding.

We stand behind our product and in our Facebook Group community, we share knowledge whether you’re a customer or not.

We share new strategies, case studies, interviews and other content with the aim of helping you grow your messenger marketing campaigns.

Yes, we’d love you as a customer but more importantly we’d love to see you grow.