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Paul Getter

Represents Clients Such as Tai Lopez, Akon, Les Brown & Other A-List Celebrities

This is awesome software that my team & I have been using for some time. It's mind-blowing some of the things this software can do. We've seen increased productivity, increased sales, really an ease of use and not only that, the team of MSGHero have been awesome to work with. MSGHero is the leading the front with this type of software.

Sabine Matharu

Owner at Reach for Greatness

I've used MSGHero within the space of eCommerce and it's helped me increase my sales by 20% through simply giving away a discount code, asking customers to quote a certain phrase below my posts and MSGHero would then send them the code directly into their Facebook inboxes. So I do really really recommend MSGHero it is a very handy tool to have.

Lee Bradshaw

Owner at One27Media

So tried it out with a restaurant and did a free appetizer campaign…it's been a little over a day and the restaurant has gotten over 200 people to get a free appetizer code...

MSGHero if you're interested in trying it out, is definitely worth it.

Calum Maxwell

Optimise Online

The engagement of our campaigns promoted on Facebook fuelled with MSGHero increases the value of every dollar spent.

Every 3 leads we generated through MSGHero converted into 1 sale and we made $7.50 for every dollar spent on the campaign.

Natalie Karr

Director at Woya Digital

With so much noise, it has never been more difficult to create real engagement. MSGHero is a fresh and proactive marketing tool that helps your brand stand out from the crowd on Facebook.

we sold over £1000 of services in first week, which is an amazing. But it's our secret so shhhh!

..and many more inside our MSGHero Facebook Group

Great idea guys!- Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite.com

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